Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two Water Towers

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8"x6" on the left; 16"x12" on the right. Oil on hardboard, oil on stretched canvas, respectively.

One of my friends takes these beautiful photos of the sunset on his way home from work. I really like the water tower—a little industrial romance. And I love the combination of that cool, purpley green with the lavender sky.

The small one wasn't exactly a study, I planned for a finished painting, but I did put more detail into the larger one. I like them both, they each have their good points.


  1. These are fantastic too! I noticed the banner when the blog came up and wanted to see more! I got my wish and it totally meets my expectations! I love that sun peeking out from the legs.

    1. Thanks! I plan to switch out the banner every few weeks - we'll see if I remember to do that ;)


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