Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Little Birds

7" x 5"

You can view and bid on this painting here.

This is a re-working of a painting I did a couple years ago. The one from 2011 was a good learning experience for me, but I can't say I love it now :-)  It was pretty clumsy.

This time around, I got rid of that pesky bench and put in an easy planter. And birds. Except for Igor, I don't think I've ever painted an animal before! I need to start putting some wildlife into my landscapes.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


7"x5", oil

Not for sale. You can view this painting here.

I really enjoyed painting this one! Of course, this is my cat Igor—caught in the middle of a yawn. He looks like some sort of demonic monster, but it was just a perfect moment in time.

This was my submission to the Make it Move challenge. I don't know whether I achieved a sense of movement, but it was good for me trying out something new. I'm really pleased with the looseness and spontaneity of the brushstrokes (at least, in some areas). In a few places, I smeared the paint with my finger. Which is not a recommendation; paint is full of horrible ingredients and you shouldn't get it on your skin.

And by the way, there used to be another paragraph here, which Igor deleted by walking across the trackpad as I was editing. I don't remember what it was supposed to say.

Oh wait, I remember now—I titled it "Contagious" because yawns are so contagious, and also because he looks like he might be rabid.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ballavitchel Road

8" x 6"

You can view and purchase this painting here.

This is the first time I participated in the Virtual Paintout. It's a great idea—instead of physically meeting up, participating artists paint scenes from a pre-determined location using Google streetview. This month's location is The Isle of Man. Fortuitously, the Google car was there on a gorgeous, sunny day, and using their newer high-res cameras. Every square inch of that island is insanely photogenic!

I screen-captured about 30 images. The location changes at the end of the month, so I'll probably only get this one painting submitted to the Virtual Paintout blog, but no reason I can't continue painting the other scenes.

Generally I like to paint places I know—where I live—or my own photos from places I've visited. It makes my artwork personal to me. But this is too fun to resist.

WARNING: It's easy to spend hours looking at these beautiful scenes.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Water Tower at Oak View

Water Tower at Oak View
8 x 6 inches
Oil on hardboard

You can view and purchase this painting here.

I haven't painted outside since last summer! It was fun getting back out there, especially as I have a new paintbox and tripod, built by my brilliant husband.

I LOVE the setup. Formerly I used a half French, and while it's a lovely, compact design, it takes forever to set up. This style with a camera tripod is rugged and super simple to use. It's not lightweight, but unless I was carrying it for more than a mile or so, it's not a problem. For any interested - it's modeled on the paintbox Mike Rooney uses. He's also manufacturing and selling them, so if you aren't handy with the tools yourself, I highly recommend his version.

That was the nicest day—60° and sunny. Since then we've had a cold front move in, which is more typical January weather. You might recognize that barn from this painting.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


8" x 6"
oil on hardboard

You can view and purchase this painting here.

There is a nice little tucked-away dock on the Trent river near New Bern. Well, there's a lot more than one! But this is the one I chose to paint.
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