Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Water Tower at Oak View

Water Tower at Oak View
8 x 6 inches
Oil on hardboard

You can view and purchase this painting here.

I haven't painted outside since last summer! It was fun getting back out there, especially as I have a new paintbox and tripod, built by my brilliant husband.

I LOVE the setup. Formerly I used a half French, and while it's a lovely, compact design, it takes forever to set up. This style with a camera tripod is rugged and super simple to use. It's not lightweight, but unless I was carrying it for more than a mile or so, it's not a problem. For any interested - it's modeled on the paintbox Mike Rooney uses. He's also manufacturing and selling them, so if you aren't handy with the tools yourself, I highly recommend his version.

That was the nicest day—60° and sunny. Since then we've had a cold front move in, which is more typical January weather. You might recognize that barn from this painting.


  1. The light you've captured here is gorgeous, and this is a lovely painting. I also enjoyed seeing your set-up. The palette box looks similar to the James Coulter system, no?

  2. Thanks, Linda!

    Actually, the box is based on Mike Rooney's - thanks for the reminder to put that information in the post, I edited to add the link. Rooney may have based his design on Coulter. I have to say, I MUCH prefer it to the half French - more rugged and so much easier to set up.


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