Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy holidays

Happy holidays to everyone!

I'll be taking a little hiatus in January, as I usually do. Which doesn't necessarily mean I'm not going to paint, but I like to free myself from the responsibility to update my blog, send weekly emails, etc.

In the meantime, my Etsy paintings are 20% off through the end of the year, and the Giant Sale also runs through December. There are some good deals at my DPW gallery too, and of course the 2013 Calendar is still for sale.

This year I've been sick since December 13. Some sort of horrible flu or cold, I don't know what. A touch of bronchitis... at any rate, it kept me indoors and miserable for 11 straight days. But I'm definitely on the mend and enjoying Christmas with my husband, my insane cat, and our dear friends.

The image on left is from a painting I did a couple years ago. I put some kind of filter on it in Photoshop, I don't remember what. But I like the batik-looking result. Then I turned it into an animated gif using layers and painted in the stars.

I want to thank everyone for your support and encouragement. Your comments and feedback — and purchases! — mean a great deal to me. See you next year!

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  1. This is fabulous Marla. You are obviously a computer genius and a fabulous artist. Love the blinking stars!


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