Monday, March 18, 2013

Around the Neighborhood

8" x 10" oil on hardboard

You can view and purchase this painting here.

This is probably the last of the Vilnius series. I followed a road out into the country, and there were lots of little neighborhoods like this—4 or 5 houses together. The sky was fabulous. This is on a red ground, not the black gesso I've been using recently. I think I like it. And I avoided my recent obsession with telephone wires—there were some, but I didn't paint them in.

UPDATED: When I saw this painting on the front page of DPW, I noticed something weird: it looks like there's a circle drawn around that little house. It's just a freak coincidence of the dark trees and the curb shadow, but now it's really bugging me. I'm going to put this back on the easel and try to break that up a little. Weird.

UPDATED UPDATE: Okay, this is better. I softened up that shadow and where it turns the corner into the driveway, blurred the edge. While I was in there, also made that little yellow house wider. In real life it was a long, skinny house, very modern design, but in the painting it comes across as some sort of tool shed.

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