Friday, July 27, 2012

50 Starts - Start 25, street scene


I've been eyeing this photo for a long time, wanting to paint it, but assuming it's too complicated for me. Maybe if I break it down into a simple Start and eliminate some elements I can manage it.

It's a street in Wilmington NC - I don't remember the year, but I know it's March because there are few leaves. I really like the flag, I think that makes the scene interesting. Also love the dog, but I'm not sure if I'll include him in the finished painting. There's already so much going on that side of the street, and I don't want to paint the wheelchair or the parked cars. Maybe I can move the dog to the left.

1. Initial sketch:

2. Rough values and colors:

Obviously I punched up the colors - it was kind of a drab day. But I think the values are accurate enough that I can pull it off. Removing the cars and stuff on the left also removes a lot of the mid-tones, so this will be more of a high key scene.

- - - - See the finished painting here.

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