Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Warmed up

The original. It wasn't quite so purpley in real life,
this is a hard one to get a good scan of.
This is the second painting I've warmed up with a thin glaze, in this case Cad Red and Liquin. Plus some turquoise in the sky and on the distant trees.

One of the reasons the original painting was striking was the cool, if not cold, shadows, and the white sky — not unlike the zombie crape myrtle painting. But ultimately I think it was very unattractive. "Striking" isn't always good.

I think it's a big improvement. You can view/purchase the new improved "Yellow Flowers" on DPW.

And the revised version looks a little
muddier than in real life...
the yellow flowers are as bright as in the original.

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