Monday, September 30, 2013

Commuter Art 5

I've been driving myself a lot lately, so I haven't had the opportunity to do many sketches. But last week I was a passenger again, and managed a few.

Sept 24.
Corner of Wilmington and Morgan. I end up drawing churches a lot because the architecture in downtown Raleigh isn't inspiring. There are a lot of state government buildings, which look, as my boss says, "like auditrons." And if you know what that is, you're really dating yourself!

Sept 25.
First Presbyterian on Salisbury Street. I kind of gave up on this drawing, the church has SO many facades. Doesn't that one on the left look like a surprised face?

Sept. 26
This is not my yard; it's a diorama in the Museum of Natural Sciences. Which is a FABULOUS museum, and you really need to visit it, and also the Nature Resource Center, which is a total science geek experience.

Sept 30.
This place on Capital Blvd sells doghouses. And patio furniture, and what must be, from the paint colors, play houses.

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