Sunday, September 4, 2011

50 Starts - Start 13, Stream at NCSU

I started this painting immediately after finishing the previous rectangle Challenge. That's unusual for me, to paint twice in one day, but I was all fired up.

Wasn't sure exactly what my boundaries were at first. The rectangle painting was a great out-of-the-box exercise for me, so I started with that in mind (that's why the small trees look like green fudgesicles), but then switched to no restrictions on shape, just the number of them.

I felt like I got too detailed with the first rectangle painting, and it's such a struggle for me to simplify, so I thought "I'll only allow myself 12 distinct shapes in this one," whether they are rectangles, ovals, or amorphous.

Obviously there's a few more than 12, but overall I think I kept true to the spirit of it. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out — feel like I'm on a better, clearer track now.

A little contretemps with the greens: I had phthalo blue on my palette, and I think I have to ban myself from that hue. I've seen Qiang Huang use it to great effect, but it's too wild for me to control right now. I had to rework the trees on the right a couple times; at first they were the exact color of Gumby.

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