Saturday, August 24, 2013

Commuter Art 3

I felt a little rushed this week, and it was hard to concentrate on drawing. None of these sketches are as developed as I'd like, but I do have some inspirations for my next Commuter Painting (Commuter Painting #1 will be here Monday).

One of the challenges of drawing while riding is that I'm balancing my iphone precariously on my knee, and of course it starts to slide off, and I grab at it, and manage to move the picture or zoom it in or out. Then nothing lines up with what I've sketched so far, and I never seem to get it back into frame the same. So some of the drawings have... multiple perspectives, I'll call it.

Aug 21.
Hayes Barton Baptist Church. Everyone recognizes this church in Five Points. As always, the power lines are my favorite part.

Aug 22.
This is my parking space in the garage at work. I haven't actually parked there yet, because my permit didn't become valid until Friday. But I visited it a couple times, to make sure I knew where it was, and took a photo. For more than one reason. See below:

Check it out. This gigantic SUV is encroaching on my space. Next time s/he does that, I'm going to sketch their license plate!

Aug 23.
Mami Nora's. It's a lot prettier in color.

Aug 23 (two in one day)
Green Taxi. I'm getting a little better with drawing cars. I know they're just boxes on top of boxes, but the newer ones have weird complex curves and no distinct edges, sort of like boats. Very hard to draw. This taxi was old and boxy.

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