Monday, August 5, 2013

Soul Food - Sold

7" x 5"
oil on panel

You can view this painting here.

This month's Virtual Paintout location is Detroit. There's a great variety of scenes to paint—a polished, attractive downtown; neighborhoods of beautiful houses; and then of course scenes of vacant lots and tumbledown homes and businesses. It's shocking. This building and the house behind it caught my attention because they're so colorful.


  1. Love your VPO pieces, both this one & last months with the great shadow play on the building.

    1. Thanks Nan. I found a lot of great scenes in Detroit, it's hard to narrow them down! Charleston was harder because the streets are narrow; there's a lot of distortion to compensate for, because of the wide-angle lens on the google car.

  2. I like the colors in this, too. And the different shapes of the buildings. I posted my Detroit one to my blog yesterday but I have to admit that I had trouble finding a subject I was interested in at this location. I've never been to Detroit and what I found there was not what I would have expected. All those abandoned buildings just left standing were shocking.


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