Thursday, June 7, 2012

50 Starts - Start 16, Fish Factory!

I was in New Bern, Beaufort, and Morehead City a couple weeks ago. I didn't bring any painting equipment; it was a family vacation. I did get a lot of great reference photos though. I'm going to try a large (18x24) oil painting of a processing plant there (I assume it's fish processing, but what the heck do I know...)

This composition is just a fraction of the entire building; it's enormous. I sketched it out with magenta acrylic paint on a piece of cardstock, in preparation for the value study.

Here it is rendered in five shades. I have five grays pre-mixed from a workshop I taught, and I use them for my own value studies.

This might be more complicated than the finished painting will be - there's a lot of detail in here. On the other hand, 18x24 is a lot of real estate to fill, I might be able to include a lot. The value sketch looks pretty cool already.

Jimmy Craig Womble is the famous artist from Morehead City. His work is brilliant. I just met him recently at the opening of his exhibition at Gallery C. He's as charming as he is talented and good-looking, which seems like a rather unfair distribution of assets! :)

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