Wednesday, June 20, 2012

50 Starts - Start 18, Cityscape

This was very challenging! I'm using a photo from the now-defunct Different Strokes from Different Folks website. It's cropped from a much larger scene.

Except for the couple buildings in the foreground, everything was in shadow. Shadows are cool. But all the buildings were constructed of warm-colored materials... paradox! Or is that a dilemma? I dunno. Anyway:

I ended up with a lot of neutrals and grayish tones, which worked out just right.

Values and temperatures sketch:

Color correction:

That horizontal darkish shape just below center is a little darker than it should have been, and the sky too light. After trying to correct it five or six times I had so much paint on that poor little piece of paper I just couldn't take it any further.

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