Thursday, June 21, 2012

50 Starts - Start 19, Green Bowl

I really need to paint from life more often, and less from photos. However, it's too hot to go outside today. I mean, I'll suffer for my art, but not 96° F worth of suffering. Solution: a still life in the studio.

The sketch. I know the bowl is misshapen, but I don't care.

Temperature and value.  I kind of like this as-is, and briefly considered leaving it alone. But no, it's too beach-bally.
I reduced that shadowed area on the wall behind; I didn't like the way it intersected the bowl and perfectly balanced the shadow. Too symmetrical.

Color correction:

To me, the light source and the cast shadow seem to be contradictory, but that's how it was. The main light source was the windows on the left side, slightly from the back - a large diffused light. But there was also a lamp in front/right position, though far away, and that confused the issue somewhat. Plus a lot of bounced and reflected light - I think the light bouncing off the rear wall is creating the cast shadow. 

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