Monday, June 18, 2012

50 Starts - Start 17, Southport

I've resumed my plan to do 50 small value/hue sketches. (Click the "50 starts" label underneath this post to see other posts in this category.)

They're not finished paintings, there's little detail, the idea is to work out the values which underlie everything, and identify the cool and warm areas.

Here's my little wooden friends holding up my photo reference. As usual the man mannequin is trying to touch the woman mannequin's butt.

Stage 1: sketch in the major shapes

Stage 2: cool and warm areas with appropriate value (hopefully).

Stage 3: color "correction". And windows; gotta have some windows.

I think the sky is probably too warm, and just a *tiny* bit too dark, but I've run out of time.

I did tweak the sky the next day, and it looks better. The photo is a little washed out; when my computer crashed I lost my scanner too, so I'm taking pictures of everything with a camera - there's much more variation in the lighting conditions. So the above photo is probably truer in terms of value, but the one below has the new sky.

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