Thursday, May 23, 2013

Farmhouse, by brush and by knife

Each painting 6"x8"
oil on panel

FUNDRAISER: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these paintings will be donated to the American Red Cross to benefit victims of the Oklahoma tornado. Visit the link below to see these and other paintings donated by members of Daily Paintworks:

Click here to view or purchase. Sold separately.

This is my entry into DPW's Different Ways challenge—to paint the same thing, in two different ways. I chose to paint this landscape once with a brush, once with a palette knife.

The brush version: I'm using a Cape Cod underpainting approach.

Initial sketch with magenta paint over a pink-washed ground.

Here I blotted and wiped off any extra paint. I just need some loose guidelines.

Establishing the light areas with yellow and orange; cool areas with blue and purple.

Once again blotted/wiped to remove excess paint.
Next time I think I'll just wait for it to dry, too much color was lost.

Putting down simple colors to represent each area.
The trees to the right of the barn have glare on them, they're not really that color.

Putting in the sky and the road. Now just some finishing touches—windows, tree trunks, etc.

The palette knife version. I decide to start with a white gessoed panel.

Sketching with magenta, establishing the tonal range.

I decide to just start at the top and work my way down, putting in a representative color without too much detail.

Most of the first pass is done.

Everything is pretty well established now.
The paint is much thicker than when I use a brush, so there's a lot more glare.

I switched to a liner brush to put in the windows and sky holes in the trees.
I used the palette knife on edge to stroke the tree trunks.


  1. I love seeing the different approaches and also how you use under painting,working it like a monochromatic drawing technique at first. My preference is for the brush version because you have such a lyrical brush stroke

    1. Thanks Carla!

      I prefer the brush version too. I have very little experience using a palette knife, so the results were somewhat out of my control. Which is a good thing, sometimes - let nature take over :-)


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