Monday, May 27, 2013

Whitaker Mill Cottages - sold

oil on panel

You can view this painting here.

This is painted on black gessoed panel. That's not a typical choice for landscapes, although painters often use it for still lifes. It does lend a certain darkness to the painting, even with bright colors on top. I like the way the color stands out on the black, and I find it easier to gauge values this way.

A fairly detailed sketch, in white colored pencil. A few blue lines to indicate shadow areas.

Putting in the light values first. It looks pretty cool just like this, doesn't it?

Shaded areas and shadows added - very blurry photo. Now just some details left and a few adjustments. I had this sitting on the mantelpiece for a full day before I realized I never painted in the walkways!

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  1. beautiful, and again, it's fascinating to see your process. dark under painting really gives colors depth


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