Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

Anyone who has seen The IT Crowd will understand that line :-)

This week my hosting company upgraded my account to a new server, which caused me to have to reconfigure my email client. Which caused me to somehow (still a mystery) lose a lot of emails that were in subfolders of my inbox. Not all of them, and not in any pattern that I could figure out what happened. I did try turning it off and on again, with no luck.

Most of it's not absolutely critical, but I lost copies of the comments people have made on my blog, some communications with galleries, newsletters, and email conversations with some of you people :-( 

So now I'm starting over from scratch, with no past history bogging me down!  If anyone tried to contact me between May 20 and May 23 and received no reply, or had their email bounce back, please try again.


  1. I miss this show!

    1. They're supposed to do one last episode, but I don't know when it will get to the U.S.


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